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ICFP 2020
Thu 20 - Fri 28 August 2020

For the first time, ICFP will include a special session of presentations of papers accepted recently to the Journal of Functional Programming. These papers went through the normal JFP review process, and in addition their authors opted into presentations at ICFP 2020. Their talks will work similarly to those for the traditional ICFP contributed papers.

The schedule has been moved to the combined ICFP Program track, and you’ll find the JFP sessions as “New York 3” and “Asia 3”. The talk videos will be played in both time bands, and we will also have live video-chat Q&A (for most of the papers) in the New York version. Check out the ICFP Q&A track for which talks have live Q&A sessions when.

Here is the list of papers in this track:

  • “A theory of RPC calculi for client–server model,” Kwanghoon Choi, Byeong-Mo Chang
  • “Elastic Sheet-Defined Functions: Generalising Spreadsheet Functions to Variable-Size Input Arrays,” Matt McCutchen, Judith Borghouts, Andrew D. Gordon, Simon Peyton Jones, Advait Sarkar
  • “Emerging languages: An alternative approach to teaching programming languages,” Saverio Perugini
  • “Heterogeneous binary random-access lists,” Wouter Swierstra
  • “Local algebraic effect theories,” Žiga Lukšič, Matija Pretnar
  • “Perturbation confusion in forward automatic differentiation of higher-order functions,” Oleksandr Manzyuk, Barak A. Pearlmutter, Alexey Radul, David Rush, Jeffrey Mark Siskind
  • “POPLMark reloaded: Mechanizing proofs by logical relations,” Andreas Abel, Guillaume Allais, Aliya Hameer, Brigitte Pientka, Alberto Momigliano, Steven Schäfer, Kathrin Stark
  • “The full-reducing Krivine abstract machine KN simulates pure normal-order reduction in lockstep: A proof via corresponding calculus,” Álvaro García Perez, Pablo Nogueira