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ICFP 2020
Thu 20 - Fri 28 August 2020
Sun 23 Aug 2020 14:00 - 17:30 at Tutorials 1 - Best Practices in Code Generation

We invite participants interested in large scale code generation, including but not limited to:

  • large API bindings projects like Amazonka,
  • transpilers and compilers,
  • parser and data binding generation.

We provide instruction and exercise templates in Haskell, but users of any functional programming language are welcome.

After completing this tutorial, participants will be familiar with best current practices:

  • propagating source positions to final error messages.
  • useful monad transformers stacks,
  • tagging code for unidirectional or bidirectional code generation,
  • making code readable and debuggable by the end-user,
  • policy on releasing new versions,
  • techniques for automatic generation of changelogs,
  • managing version migrations,
  • reusing parsers for AST construction,
  • avoiding common issues with generated code.

I encourage attendees to register their interests and requirements in advance: https://forms.gle/ETAhPxAprLHFWqyU6

Bioinformatician turned banker, turned cloud software company founder.

Author of JSON Autotype (https://github.com/mgajda/json-autotype), XML Typelift (https://gitlab.com/migamake/xml-typelift) code generators.

Sun 23 Aug

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14:00 - 17:30
Best Practices in Code Generation
Michal J. Gajda Migamake Pte Ltd